Infusing brandy and bitters at Epic Skill Swap 2012

Epic Skill Swap is an annual weekend festival designed to facilitate the exchange of skills and knowledge between people. It’s a chance to teach others what you know, and learn what others have to share.  It’s a chance to foster both self-reliance and interdependence by tapping into knowledge within existing social networks and creating new networks where knowledge can thrive.

We aim to create a space and a framework in which participants can share and learn, but the real magic comes from the people who attend and contribute to making this the most amazing experience it can be. Epic Skill Swap provides an open structure that allows you to bring your excitement to a community of other passionate people.

You are welcome here. Epic Skill Swap is a socially inclusive, non-religiously-affiliated event open to people of all backgrounds, races, cultures, religions, ages, genders, and orientations.

Cost: Because Epic Skill Swap is created by its participants, we are able to make this an affordable event. We operate on volunteer labor and a sliding scale; we don’t want anyone to miss out on Skill Swap because of the cost. All contributions made by attendees either directly go into the cost of the weekend event, or toward other costs associated with the project. Click here for more about our costs and financial model.

A little history: The first Epic Skill Swap was held in July 2012 in Cornwall Bridge, CT, in a field owned by the grandfather of one of the organizers. Infrastrucure consisted of a tent and some coolers for potluck meals — the rest of the weekend was created by those first few dozen young friends who showed up.

Since 2013, our home has been Camp Wilmot, in Wilmot, NH. We have grown to an event that brings together nearly 100 people every year, ranging in age from newborns to folks in their 70s and 80s. We have an organizing team of 6-9 folks, we have a custom workshop submission site that allows people to start building their vision of the weekend several months in advance, and we have a mailing list of over 450 folks who have attended Skill Swap in the past or are interested in attending it in the future. And Epic Skill Swap is still an event co-created by everyone who attends!

Annual reports — for a snapshot of ESS attendance and finances.