What to Bring

General packing list 2019

  • A dish for Friday evening’s potluck.
  • Snacks to contribute to the communal snack table (please bring snacks that do not require refrigeration).
  • Layers! The cabins are unheated and June in New Hampshire can be unpredictable. Expect temps as low as the 50s at night and 80s during the day,
  • Rain gear.
  • Sunscreen/insect repellent. **We strongly encourage you to be proactive about tick prevention, and bring not only insect repellant, but also long garments for times when you may be out in the woods or tall grass.**
  • Bathing suits and towels.
  • A tent, if you’re planning on tenting.
  • Sleeping bag/bedding for tent and cabin alike. Cot mattresses are provided. Remember that the cabins are uninsulated, so prepare for cold nights.
  • Headlamp or flashlight.
  • Water bottle.
  • A blanket or camp chair for sitting on the ground.
  • A pen and a notebook, because more likely than not, you’re going to want to take down some notes about something you learn over the weekend.
  • Materials for any workshops you are teaching.
  • Materials you might need for workshops you are planning on attending (see list below).
  • Musical instruments, dance shoes, board games, hammocks, stories, or anything else you might want for evenings or other down-time.
  • Your wonderful selves, your bright smiles, and your village-building attitudes!

Layers are important for variable June weather in New Hampshire. Also note that these Skill Swappers have remembered both sun protection and bright smiles from the packing list.

Workshop packing list 2019

Cooking Meat workshop at ESS 2015.

Some of this year’s skills involve extra supplies that you’ll want to bring from home, if you have them. Here’s a list to help with packing:

  • Footwear you feel comfortable hiking/walking/playing games in for outdoor workshops.
  • A sharp knife with a fixed, non-folding blade for Hollis’s Slöjd Carving workshop.
  • A new deck of cards for Ben’s Card Magic workshop.
  • A yoga mat for Jasmine’s 15-Minute Exercise workshop.
  • Shoes with a hard, chunky heel for Sarah’s Flamenco workshop.
  • Financial documents to share at Annie’s Reading Financial Documents workshop.
  • A residential door lock (with key) that you’d like to re-key for Delbert’s Re-Keying workshop.