A note on food for all swappers! (2013)

We’ve had questions from a bunch of folks, so we wanted to clarify some things. Epic Skill Swap is bigger this year than it was last year (YAY!), and we’ve had to do some rethinking of our approach to feeding ourselves. In efforts to keep cost down and community up, we opted to have about $20 of each person’s registration fee go to group food this year in order to provide wholesome vegetarian meals. (See website for breakdown of other costs).

Unfortunately $20 is not enough to provide the whole array of meal options–addressing all dietary restrictions–that we might ideally like to have at each meal. To do that, we’d need to raise prices so we could hire a person or group of people to cook for us.

Our meals for ESS 2013 are being spearheaded by amazing volunteer meal leaders (WOOT! you know who you are!!), who have generously offered to step up to the plate and help coordinate feeding this crowd. The guidelines that we have given them are that meals should be vegetarian and can be vegan, and that there are a number of dairy-free and gluten-free folks in the crowd.

We’ll be posting preliminary menus around May 25th so folks who have other dietary restrictions can plan accordingly, and it will help us out a lot in this planning if you could register by the 24th! Also, if you’re interested in leading prep for one meal with 6-9 volunteers, please let us know ASAP. We need two more meal leaders on board. ESS buys the stuff for the menu you create, you and your team make the food. Get creative!

Thanks, y’all. We can’t wait to see you and break bread (or rice cakes!) together. ♥P1220090