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Skill Swap Musings from Meghan Kallman (2013)

by Meghan Kallman, one of the co-founders of Epic Skill Swap

About a year and a half ago I was at some sort of gathering full of great people. In one corner someone was playing the guitar and a little group was singing, and someone else was explaining his job—suicide prevention—to another little group. (The person in question was none other than Hollis Easter, one of Epic Skill Swap’s stellar co-organizers). I was eavesdropping a little bit, and thinking that, though I’d known Hollis for a while, I didn’t know why he does suicide prevention. I was astounded by how much he knew about it. And I had this little thought, like “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have some sort of get-together so that people could explain to each other the interesting things that we know how to do and why we care about doing them?”. Continue reading