Infusing brandy and bitters at Epic Skill Swap 2012

Epic Skill Swap is an annual weekend festival designed to facilitate the exchange of skills and knowledge between people. It’s a chance to teach others what you know, and learn what others have to share. It’s a chance to foster both self-reliance and inter-dependency by tapping into knowledge within existing social networks. Not everyone who attends will necessarily teach a workshop, but this event is all about creating an experience that is shaped more by its participants than by its organizers. We aim to create a space and a framework in which participants can share and learn, but the real magic comes from the people who attend and contribute to making this the most amazing experience it can be.

Why Epic Skill Swap? Everyone has different reasons for being drawn to this event. Maybe you want to gain knowledge and skills to increase your self-sufficiency. Maybe you like learning and seek out opportunities to gain exposure to new knowledge. Maybe you have a skill you want to share with other people. Maybe a friend drags you along and you’re just looking to meet new people. Whatever your reasons, Epic Skill Swap provides an open structure that allows you to bring your excitement to a community of other passionate people.

How much does it cost? Because Epic Skill Swap is created by its participants, we are able to make this an affordable event.  We don’t pay instructors, and we don’t pay people to cook, clean or do anything else.  (Yes, this means we will ask you to pitch in and help out.  But it will be fun.  We promise.)  The last two years, we’ve managed to keep costs between 55 and 63 dollars per person.  Some people paid more, and some less, based on what they felt they could afford.  We don’t want anyone to miss out on Skill Swap because of the cost.

A little history: The first Epic Skill Swap was held in July 2012 in Cornwall Bridge, CT.  The second Swap was held in May/June 2013 at Camp Wilmot, in Wilmot, NH.  Camp Wilmot was our home again for ESS 2014, the weekend of May 23-25.

You are welcome here. Epic Skill Swap is a socially inclusive, non–religiously affiliated event open to people of all backgrounds, religions, ages, abilities, genders, and orientations.