Virtual Skill Swap Details: June 13-14th 2020

Hello Skill Swap community,

We’ve received wonderful feedback on our survey about virtual skill swap. We’d love to have more workshops, and our deadline to propose a workshop is this Saturday at midnight. So pin an idea up on the virtual corkboard now so that folks can get excited and inspired! 

TIMELINE REMINDER: Workshop submission and voting will end on May 23rd at midnight. This will give organizers time to set up a schedule. The schedule will be posted on May 29th, giving participants some time to plan if they need to get any materials.

Workshop Proposals:

  1. If you proposed a workshop prior to April, please update your submission or resubmit it to let us know you still want your workshop to happen in the virtual realm. Proposal Website
  1. New “Workshop” ideas: We’re trying to think about sessions a bit differently. They could be shorter and involve less instruction, like a session of answering “would-you-rather” questions. Repeating a session from a prior year is welcome

Here are some workshop suggestions that came up in discussions:

  • Cooking: Suggest a recipe, participants cook it in real time
  • Art Making
  • Music: Share your music, prep sing-a-longs in advance; make musical instruments
  • 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Host an online game
  • Create a sensory activities (where we can touch, smell, see, taste, or experience in our own location)

Please add to the proposal site!**If you are having trouble logging in to the proposal site, check your spam folder.

Workshop support: We, the organizers, will be facilitating an opening event, some hangout spaces, an evening event(s), but as always, the energy is generated by everyone! Feel free to contact us with any questions:

Your 2020 ESS Organizers

Christine, Delphine, Drew, Sonja, Jadrian, Maddie, Dana, and Mary