2020 Registration Page

Registration for ESS 2020 has not started yet. But once it opens in mid-spring, this is how it’ll work.

When you register, you will pay a $0-40 deposit to hold your spot.

When you register, you can choose to pay the full cost as well, if you wish. Epic Skill Swap operates on a sliding scale contribution model, ranging from $0 to $140 (the average actual cost per person is about $75). Click here to read more about cost and finances for the weekend. If you have any questions, please ask!

Young swappers at ESS 2014.

Registration for kids:

You do not need to register your baby and toddler, but we do ask that you register older kids who you expect will eat with the group. Our suggested sliding scale for kids is $0–$50, but we encourage you to pay what feels appropriate based on your child and your situation.

Cancellation policy:

  • Please let us know ASAP if you decide not to come.
  • If you let us know by two weeks prior to the event, we will refund your registration fee.
  • Two weeks or closer to the weekend, we cannot guarantee a refund of your registration fee (we’ll see what we can do, though), but please do still let us know.  If you have to cancel at the last minute, knowing that may allow us to make space for someone who missed the registration deadline.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the organizers at EpicSkillSwap@gmail.com.