Workshop submission process opens Feb. 17

Greetings, dearest Swappers!

Happy New Year to you all. We’re writing with a brief update about what to expect in terms of schedule for Epic Skill Swap 2016. We hope you have some ideas cooking, because this is about to get awesome.

Those of you who have Swapped in the past will know that our schedule-building and teaching processes are participatory. Swappers (including your fine selves) will be able to request workshops that they would like to take, and propose workshops that they would like to teach, via an online module. The workshop submission site will open on Wednesday, February 17, 2016. (Don’t worry — we’ll send an email with a link and post here when it’s ready to go).

You, the ESS community, will then have a month to propose workshops and to think about what classes you would like to attend.

On March 17, we’ll close submissions and open up a brief voting period (you’ll get an email about this too). People will be able to indicate their interest in a potential workshop using the same online tool.

Voting will close on March 31, and our scheduling team will be in touch with workshop instructors shortly after that. The schedule will be finalized by April 30 at the latest.

Then we’ll prepare for two awesome weekends of skills, sharing, music, playing outside, conversation and community. On the weekends of June 3–6 and June 10–13, we will undertake skill-swapping and merrymaking with glee and gusto.

Questions? Email us at

If you do the Facebook thing, you can find Epic Skill Swap (and the occasional corny joke) here.

With epic anticipation,

Meghan, Alison, Jamie, Onnie, Annie, Ben, Marvin, Eric, Dana, and Ethan
Your 2016 Epic Skill Swap organizing team